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Lito Kattou

Destroyer Dancer | Night Queen | Double Mooner

“I have been visiting my studio during quarantine although the development of ongoing works was physically paused as many practical aspects were affected by the lockdown. During my time at home I worked mainly digitally on ideas, drafts and works in progress, which have remained unrealized in the past and on new pieces that I would like to start developing as soon as the conditions permit so. A physical outcome is mainly a series of digital files ready to be sent for digital fabrication and other technical procedures in order to continue with the next steps of those ideas in progress.”

“It is quite arbitrary if and how each of us perceives the end of the world. I would say the ‘end of the world as we know it’, embracing in this way a less catastrophizing point of view, either this will include humanity or not. It is obvious that things change constantly thus is the physical or technological world. I wouldn’t choose a particular single work but an element, which is part of my practice, and these are the copper or nickel-plated milk thistle flowers. They deal contextually with the idea of time and the transformation of materiality as they are collected dry from various spots in the Mediterranean area. They are then processed through electroforming in order to get a layer of copper, capable afterwards to host any other metal coating on top. Their lifetime transforms in this way from organic and humane to the time of minerals and geology. The flowers conclude to hover simultaneously between fragility and threat, as they become a kind of metal spiky weapon.”

“I am not exactly sure how and if art can save the world. I wouldn’t like to conclude to any aphorisms but I believe that art can augment awareness around many issues, which are part of our lives, preparing us as beings to cope with our existence and the way it affects everything else around us. Art can hold a soothing power to our relation with concepts and facts bigger than us dealing with issues that life on this planet has been questioning for centuries.”