From Scratch
to Scratch

Robin Lopvet & Sam Racheboeuf

Voyage Voyage Voyage

Robin Lopvet and Sam Racheboeuf, Voyage Voyage Voyage, 05 min 27 sec, 2017, © Robin Lopvet and Sam Racheboeuf

Translation into English of the texts from the video. Text and voice by Sam Racheboeuf.

Dialog of the tree in winter light
White on white gray pearl vaguedivague
The threshold of the sand the house near the sea 

The hinterland country landing stages
Sailor on shore

Beat the countryside hallucinating campaigns the descent of the Escaut river
Versant Est
Another altitude 

The journey of autumn the leaves of autumn
Grass leaves roadmaps observation sheets

And the stillness of Douve
The shiny and the Sorgue

Do you know if we are still far from the sea?

The air of water, the long chain of the anchor freedom of the seas
Sébastien dreams of it forehead against the glass

Notes on the drawing
Dreams and the leg half the gesture
Portrait of Julius rape from Lucretia
The antiquities of Rome the tapestries the trophies
The miraculous weapons

The empire
And the hatch

The glory of kings
The fall of time
The fatal moment

Broken stories
Death will come and it will have your eyes
And dust

Farewell to the edges the walk under the trees
The herdsman the love gardener the celestial peasant
Search for the base
And from the top

Climb the seventh summit
Winter white stones
Beginning and end of snow
Diary of an impossible April

The tree alone the lucid tree and the fourteenth beauty
The cantata with three voices
(This time which is between spring and summer)

History of blue

Thoughts under the clouds
Baltic gravitational magnetic fields
The sea sheers the rumor of the air the song of the mermaid the ballad of the old sailor
The crossing

Split the waves under my amaranth cap a makeshift coat blood riveted to the South
Winds birds airs
Solar matter

The world of a voice releases the instinct of sky
Low sun
Here cut in half

Endless return

Glimpse the black bird in the rising sun
The cape of good hope

The fable of the world earth garland
Paths sought lost paths
And as Magroll and Gaviero said
No one gets lost
The land is narrow for us

Sowing tons of seeds always from the dawn to evening angelus
The hidden river deep river dark river
The song of the carp frightens
At night love turns her on a fold of time

Holy Patience ascending sign
The stage in the clearing through an orchard
Corrosive bodies lying
Clear earth absolute stones flint exploded
Landscapes of all ode to hasten the coming of spring
Against the sky

Running the streets cross streets the windows the high terraces
A green twig woods green wood sleeping wood

The shape of a city changes faster alas than the hearts of humans

One day after life
After many years when the mirror is still astonished behind its double
The point where I am?

As if like that giving giving most of the time
I have a face to be loved to live here in full voice
The simple enchantment the unanimous life
In the vacant heat on the edge of time in the absence of silence

Glimpse what was without light the doorway the day
The underside of a life an ordinary life
Life of a man body and good fertile eyes hands free facing locks
Skin and words my prisons
The space inside my properties the inner voice

To show the little people the time presents the fire of every day
Our share of gold and shadow the weight of shadow the shadow of double
The great trials of the mind and the countless small
Songs and hours pleasures and days
Evening knowledge the turbulent infinity
A song in the thickness of common time has always been present

Who was I?

The tightrope walker the balancer the stowaway the innocent convict the condemned to death the murdered poet the enchanter rotting the melancholy watcher the watchman in love the peddler the man repossessed the approximate man

The perpetual movement
Moments movements crossing of time
Confrontations ramblings transgression
Twilight and decline
Approach work

100 fan sentences 45 poems 33 sonnets composed in secret 20 love poems and a desperate song 19 elastic poems 15 songs 12 small writings 5 ​​large odes
The porch of the mystery of the 2nd virtue to end the judgment of God
Processional to salute a new century
Tale of year zero by itself
It’s still today
I never greet you
You will forget me